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Online marketing & Websites

An online presence with measurable results

A slick website is nice to have. A slick website that converts clicks into sales is even better.

Website design isn’t just about making things look pretty online; an effective website should entice and persuade. A smartly designed website can direct visitors to take action. The purpose of your website should be to engage your prospective clients in taking the first step of the sales cycle. A successful website design provides a clean and clear path from product education to sales conversion, with a minimal amount of work required by the visitor.

We combine top level graphic design with in-depth, world class, website coding knowledge. What good is a brilliant website design if it cannot be interpreted online - this is where Copperleaf’s inhouse abilities shine. Never should you be told it cannot be done, but rather we will find a solution. A well-crafted website compels readers to click through to the next page.  A professional website has the potential to deliver measurable results rather than just having an online presence on the net. Using state-of-the-art technologies like Content Management Systems (CMS), responsive design frameworks, we design websites that act as powerful sales tools for our clients. We combine beauty with efficiency to create your most dedicated marketing tool that works 24/7, 365 days per year.

Responsive website design - Gone are the days where everyone used one of a handful of screen sizes. Today’s web is viewed on hundreds of unique monitors, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – and that number is growing every year. Responsive website design adjusts your site to the size of the viewing window, helping your visitor easily navigate through content regardless of the device being used. Designing a website that sells your product but does so effectively across all devises is a priority for us when putting together your website layout.

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Website Design & Hosting

Social Media Marketing

Far reaching branding awareness through social media

The aim of any social media campaign is a branding awareness exercise and without both design and campaign planning your social media presence will not be achieving this. Social media is more than just creating a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and posting haphazardly, begging for attention. Social media strategies should revolve around driving traffic to your website and creating compelling content your customers can interact with. Social media marketing offers an invaluable opportunity to show your brand’s human side, build trust, and cultivate an audience receptive to your message. Anyone can run a Facebook marketing page, but the question to ask is... does the page actually work or does it get lost in the sea of competitor’s pages on the platform? At the same time does your social media content drive traffic to your website, increase sales and boost your search engine rankings?

Combining professional Graphic Design and a planned marketing strategy goes a long way to increasing overall readership of your brand across all online platforms. We also encourage clients to identify a social media advertising budget, which suites their pocket, to increase their visibility on selected social channels. Social media advertising is fairly inexpensive and has proven to be effective in helping businesses increase their brand recognition while driving traffic to their websites, where conversions can be made. Copperleaf will supply a monthly analytics report detailing growth in engagement, gender of your viewers and where your audience have engaged from. We meet with our clients on a monthly basis to analyze the past months results and gain an ongoing growth relationship with our clientele. Again, our focus is on marketing that works for our individual client need.

Don’t get lost between your online competition rather stand out as number 1

The online world is ever changing, and Google’s algorithms seem to change faster than you can keep up with the new trends. In a world of ever increasing clutter and online competition, how can you be sure your online presence is making the right impact? What’s even more puzzling, is how to know what online strategies are right for you and your business model. This is where Copperleaf can assist. What are your goals for your online marketing? Once decided, each goal is measured differently and each is achieved through different components of your overall online strategy.

When creating an online marketing strategy for our clients, we consider budget, reach and company requirements deciding and implementing avenues such as, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords and paid advertising, Email Newsletters, Email signature click throughs and Lead Generation.

Social media efforts that are combined with paid advertising and organic SEO help to build your brand and drive measurable traffic to your business.

Online Marketing Processes

Our services in short

  • Social media Marketing
  • Website design and layout
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords pay per click
  • Google Re-marketing
  • Email Newsletter
  • Click through Email signatures
  • Lead Generation
  • Website and Google Analytics